The Monitoring of Quality and Process


Testing of the output length for monitoring purposes of the part being formed

Control before, during and after forming (3/4)

Inspection of the presence, dimensional and completeness of the parts to be worked by evaluation of the measurement results

Monitoring of the deformation process, so indirect control of the material properties

Monitoring of the speed of flow Detection of bad parts with evaluation of the faults from the method of forming, the time and possibly the pressure

Measurement impulses communicate absolute values of an interface to the evaluation systems

Data Processing with «RIVETRANS» Software

RIVETRANS Daten-Verarbeitung

Any of the controls can be programmed using a PC or Laptop by «RIVETRANS» via an interface instead of using the key board

Error messages and their analysis can be printed in tabular oder graph form

All the necessary variable and fixed parameters for forming are contained in the Program CD for simple programming

We can supply an integration program for special machines specially designed for «RIVETRANS» This can be built into any control panel and is capable of being clipped onto a DIN rail. Up to six riveting sets can be simultaneously analysed