Examples of Applications

Bodmer Kaltumformung Systems AG has, as its speciality, the construction of machines.

Highly stressed ball and socket joints for the machinery construction and car industries
Application: Making a watertight closure of the body of the housing
Steam generator in the sole plate of an electric iron
Application: Making a steam-tight closure of the steam eneration chamber by means of an aluminium plate on a die-cast sole
Cannulas for the administration of intravenous injections
Application: Flaring the tubes in a 1/100 tolerance range by means of Taumel die riveting
Pyrotechnic car seatbelt tensioner
Application: Fastening of the roller mechanism to the base plate and Taumel riveting in position of the pyrotechnic initiator
Handbrake handle
Application: Feeding of the release device into the tube stump
Steering wheel column with height adjustment
Application: Making a closure of the supporting body by means of a stiffening plate
Steering universal joint flange
Application: Connection of a square tube with a flange plate
Reversible fuse
Application: Making a closure of a 2 part plastic housing by means of hollow riveting or casting-in plastic pins
Car wheel hub bearing
Application: Stress-free mounting of the bearing the housing component part
Car seatback adjustment
Application: Preassembly and main assembly of all interlocking segments in the body of the housing
Backseat mechanism
Application: Forming of the adjustable pivot points

What can you Expect from a Riveting Trial?

  1. A proposal for the solution of the problem in question.
  2. A recommendation with regard to the type of machine that is necessary for the application
  3. The necessary details for the die and the insert.
  4. The necessary data for riveting purposes (i.e. pressure, time and options).