Why BK-Taumel Riveting?

The BK-Taumel riveting techniques replace traditional forming and riveting methods. They open up new applications in the production of assemblies. On rounds as well as other isometric shapes and overall where high quality riveted assemblies are requiered.

One BK-Taumel riveting machine and a corresponding set of orbiting tools are sufficient to create upset, flange, curled, draw, flare, caulk, and press operations as well as form freely rotating joints to an assembly with a hight torque loading.

The proven and noiseless BK-Taumel technique offers significant advantages

The results of a controlled process are: Perfect surface finish without any cracks and with minimal changes in grain structure and work-hardening and highly efficent material flow are a result of controlled forming operation.

Both case bardened work pieces or rivets can be formed. Even galvanised coatings are not destroyed during the forming operation. Also rivets inserted into fragile assembled materials can be processed.


  • The rolling movement of the forming operation is controlled.
  • The very low load on the component and non-existent rotation of the tool increase the serviceable life of your forming and riveting tables.
  • Low lateral forces enable simple component fixtures to be used without clamping.

Simulation of forming process with FEM method:
Fastening hub to shaft with Rotary-Press

Simulation of forming process with FEM method:
Cut with deformation of the components