Milestones in the Company’s History

1908 Start-up with the product range of hydraulic motors, toilet flush units, fishing reels, the hiring-out of labour, etc.
1939 Conversion of the business to handle orders from the army
1947 Development of bottle closure technology
1955 Start up of the manufacture of spiral chutes
1961 Development of the 2D Taumel riveting machine
1967 Addition of the 3D metal forming technology
1981 Setting up of an Engineering Department and entry into the field of the construction of special machinery
1983 Construction of the first CNC special machine
1992 Introduction of the MBB-Gelma/Micro-Design Control Concept for CNC and special machines, including setting up of our own Software Development Department
1993 Intensive advertising campaign at the EMO 93 for the BK Quality Reliability Module
1994 Further development of the BK Quality Reliability Module by the Software Development Department in order to complete the development of the Process Reliability Module
1995 Commissioning of three CNC punching press riveting units with 15 tonne capacity and three 2D Taumel riveting units on a combination of conveyors at Keiper Rockenhausen
1996 Switchover in the case of standard machines to the SCS 95 single chip control system
1997 Presentation of the new BK 40-160 pneumatic range at the EMO 97 exhibition, which was equipped with SCS 98 control system
1998 Addition of the 3D cold-forming technology as a changeover module on standard machines
1999 Development of the BK416 CNC modular product range with SCS 98 operator’s display unit
2000 Development of the Rivetrans© software for the remote programming of the standard and CNC machines, on-line data display imaging, activation and management of the SCS 98 IF add‑on module for the construction of special machines
2000 Presentation of the tool changer for standard and BK 416 CNC machines on the occasion of the Motek 2000 exhibition
2001 Equipment of the BK 416 rigid table machine with a raster scanner for the automatic detection of riveting points and stand-alone programming of the coordinates in SCS 98
2002 The first BK 416 CNC fitted with the Siemens S7 control system, and a Siemens Industrie PC for process display and the tracking of status of the assemblies
2003 Implementation of servo shaft drive on BK 416 CNC machines, presentation of the robot module BK 60 NE-R at the Motek 2003 exhibition
2004 Further development of the Rivetrans© software with the incorporation of the x/y axis traverse simulation module, which allows monitoring of the traverse path without any movement of the traverse module, expansion of the internal data storage by the use of Nano D control components
2005 Conversion of the proven Taumel head range T8 - T 36 (with the exception of T4020, which was already using the S type bearing design) to radial S bearings with reduction in play, in order to reduce the deflection of the inserts in the case of 3 to 4 degree types
2005 Presentation of a BK 60 NE-Z Taumel traction riveting set in operation on a pneumatic swivelling drive at the Motek 2005 Exhibition
2006 First BK 416 CNC module with Jetter servo drive shafts and drive cards and a pneumatic/mechanical stroke positioning unit in the disk interlock system, length 800 mm, which was supplied to special machinery manufacturers
2007 A revolutionary quick adaptor system for the fast change of multi-spindle heads, with the main drive flange-mounted onto the end of the spindle, and radial forces absorbed by large linear bearings, was exhibited at the Motek Fair in Stuttgart in 2007. The quick change module can be supplied with a distance between centres of 25 to 250 mm suitably arranged in accordance with the customer's requirements
2007 A 2 spindle head (offset at 90o) for the simultaneous working on the cross of window angle tilting devices was developed. This was introduced on multi-shift operation with short cycle times at a regular customer's plant.
2008 During their centenary year, Bodmer Küsnacht showed at the Motek 2008 Fair in Stuttgart an automation module with x/y/c 4 axes module and pneumatic z axis travel with a BK 60NE riveting device mounted on the rotary table. This was equipped with a miniature 6 spindle head T61 for the working of reversible automatic circuit breakers
2009 The squaring of the circle was achieved. A 2 spindle head with toothed belt drive, with each spindle guided in a spring-loaded casing that was fitted with a P101 linear measurement system, with 2 standard linear measurement transducers, permits the detection of the presence and length of the part to be joined. This can be upgraded to module P102 with evaluation of the measurement values by means of a new Jetter PLC with our own evaluation software. The radial forces are absorbed by large linear bearings. This can be supplied with a distance between centres of 40 to 200 mm suitably arranged in accordance with the customer's requirements. This was exhibited at the Motek Fair in Stuttgart in 2009.
2009 Construction of a 6 station rotary table unit for a Slovenian component manufacturer that was equipped with 2 manual assembly places (alternatively could be used on solo operation). It was built for cold-forming components produced on a BK105NE riveting machine with centring guidance by means of a hold-down. This machine is supplied in accordance with the new CE Machinery Guidelines with coded monitoring switches and Pluto Control Evaluation components and is used for the manufacture of hand blender housings